Dionne Warwick Says She ‘Doesn’t Know Yet’ If Toni Braxton & Mariah Carey are Icons: ‘I’ll Have to Give It Some Thought’

Dionne Warwick Says She ‘Doesn’t Know Yet’ if Toni Braxton & Mariah Carey Are Icons In a recent interview, Dionne Warwick was asked what does it take for a singer to become an icon. She didn’t give a definitive answer but did say it takes more than a hit song. She said it is about presentation and how people look at you. Of Brandy she said she is a double threat and has the potential to become an icon. On Mariah Carey. After a long pause she said she wasn’t sure because she doesn’t know Mariah but does think she is an incredible songwriter and loves her song, Hero. On Mary J. Blige she said Mary’s growth has astonished her.  On Toni Braxton she said she wasn’t sure if she was an icon and wasn’t sure Toni even wanted that title. What is your definition of an icon in the music business?

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