Your turn to go Marvin!

After winning the first three games of this year, hopes were high  for the Cincinnati Bengals. Now after losing 6 of the last 8 games, all hopes of  making the playoffs are gone and once again Bengals fans are left wondering will this be Marvin Lewis’ last year as head coach. Well let me say it should be, and they should not promote Hue Lewis, another hopeless coach who was just fired from coaching Ohio’s other NFL Team.

It’s known throughout the league that the Brown Family who own the Bengals,  are not big spenders so we should not expect a high dollar coach like  Bill Cowher coming out of retirement or the latest hot College coach coming aboard, they would be to expensive.  Maybe recently fired Green Bay Packer coach Mike McCarthy? I expect McCarthy to be a candidate for the Cleveland Browns job, the current Browns GM and McCarthy have ties going back to Green Bay. Whatever move the Bengals make I am sure it will keep them right at about a .500 team.

Fortunately for Cincinnati sports fans, Major League Baseball is right around the corner. Oh, the Reds lost 95 games last year, my bad. Maybe the  Cincinnati Cyclones can be winners!  That would be the Hockey team in case you wondering. Stay tuned.



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