WWE Smackdown & 8 year olds!

WWE Smackdown Live! is coming to Dayton and my 8 year old can’t wait!  I assume he can’t wait for me to tell him he is not going.  Too much violence and  too many scantily clad women for him I thought, and in any other generation I would be right. Have you played these video games kids  play these days? Have you watched Nickelodeon lately? Listened to your child’s favorite musical artist lately? I can remember listening to the radio in the early 80’s and Mtume’s  song “Juicy Fruit” had a line that said ” let me lick you everywhere” and they bleeped that part out on the radio. Well today that  line would not make the top 100 shocking lines list! I remember watching Hannah Montana with my daughter when she was younger and was shocked by the sexual innuendo on a pre teenage show, and that was nearly a decade ago. I have come to see WWE as a live “cartoon”, mainly because that is how my son look’s at it. I don’t know how he looks at the scantily clad women, probably the same way I did at eight years old. The difference is he has a Dad to explain what he is looking at.  I, along with a lot of African American males from my generation did not have that luxury, and Mom’s  were  not about to initiate that conversation. So yea I will let him go to WWE Live! I am hoping to get some time with the “Performers” so they too can explain to my son this is a show, not real life. That would be one of the perks about working in radio, backstage passes!



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