Work Stressing You? 3 Ways To Recharge Your Batteries!

We all burn the candle at both ends, down the back and up the middle. So many demands on us with little or no time left to recharge our selves in order to get it all done.
Let me share with you 3 simple things to give you a little burst of energy to make to the finish line…….everyday.

1. Cucumber and Lemon water: It’s so refreshing and will help with digestion. The perfect afternoon perk up that will give you a lasting natural refreshing feeling that soda won’t.

2. 20 minute “Power” nap: It’s nothing like having a wonderful power nap that will help clear your mind and let you finish strong. If not a full 20 minute nap, find at least 10 minutes to meditate and center yourself and inhale positive energy so you can exhale creativity.

3. Know when enough is enough! At some point to you have to listen to the signs your body is giving you to slow down, take it easy and relieve the stress. The job cannot replace your health, so pay attention to blood pressure, headaches, insomnia,unusual aches and pains and fatigue…all could be signs that your work is hurting your health.

Most of all just remember, you are worth the time off, the meditation and regular check ups to keep health issues related to work in check!



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