Winter Weather Storms Are On The Way! Check Out Faith’s Favorite Indoor Activities!


Just when we though winter was going to pass us by…snow storms are on the horizon! So, let me help you with some of my family favorite indoor activities.

Family in the house for long periods of time need fun things to do to ride out the weather. Below is a list of things my family has done for years to get through the storm.
1. Clean
I know that doesn’t sound fun at first BUT…when you find creative ways to do it like:

~Setting a timer. First one done (completely) gets a monetary prize.

~Blasting old school music. Sing to the top of your lungs and even let the kids give it a try at being the DJ and choosing the music.

~Putting all the chores in a hat and allowing every to pick one. This takes the blues out of the same people doing the same things all the time and it will freshen up the perspective and the view!

2. Board Games with a twist!
Gather the family for traditional board games and depending on the age them with a twist! Adding snacks as “chips” or game pieces…
You can even make the games into drinking  if every one is over 21!

3. Build a SNOWman!
Revisit your childhood and take the family out and build a snowman family! Each family member build a family member in their own image and put things on it to make it special.

4. Bing watch a complete season!
Everyone is busy and I am sure each family member has favorite shows that they love! Share it with the family and bing watch the top 3 with the entire family! What a wonderful way to get caught up and see what the family is really into. Allow the member to introduce their show with character introductions and show description.

5. Plan and prepare a family meal together.
This is the perfect time to bring the family together around a good hot meal that you all prepare together. Select a dish or several dishes and everyone do their part to bring it to life with their own special touches. Maybe even try a completely NEW recipe. Good fun around good food.



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