Where is Mo’Nique?

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JANUARY 25: Actress Mo'Nique poses onstage at the 83rd Academy Awards Nominations Announcement held at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on January 25, 2011 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

She was one of the Queens of Comedy and among  the funniest female comics ever. Then with her role in ‘Precious” she proved she was an Hollywood actress on the rise. On a personal note, back in the day my afternoon radio show was taken off the air  to make room for her Afternoon show. I remember thinking to myself “she is not even a DJ”.  What she was though was ‘Hot’  back then and everyone, even radio outlets wanted to be on “Team Monique”.

As fast as that all happened, is as fast as it has all stopped. I remember seeing a video clip of her talking bad about Oprah, Tyler Perry, “Empire” creator Lee Michaels & other prominent Hollywood types. I have heard  rumors that its her husband and not Monique  who brings on the bad publicity she is currently going thru. I always figured her talent was too big to be held back  by some personal relationships gone sour.

Clearly I was wrong. I can’t find Monique anywhere, not in movies, TV sitcoms, commercials, video’s, nothing. I did see her in a promo on CNN last week, but that’s it. Whatever went wrong I wish these talented, rich, famous black folk could put it all aside and let us laugh at one of the funniest female comedians (and actress)  of our time.



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