Where are the Boys?

Please do not take this stories headline the wrong way! I am not looking for boys, I am looking for “The Boys”. The 90’s New jack swing group that  had a couple of hits back in the day and then just disappeared.

It’s must be difficult to hit it big in the music biz as a kid, even Michael had his issues. The problem is two-fold. first, if the child performer  has a hit song, it will be hard to duplicate that again, which opens up the “one hit wonder conversation”. Secondly, which they have no control over is they grow up. Folks always love a kids smile, it’s different, when like us all,  they age.

Remember when Gary Coleman was cute and cuddly?  Raven Symone? Going back a while, Donny  Bunaduce had issues for a long time and he just portrayed  a child recording artist on TV. (Partridge family). Patric Waite of Musical Youth (pass the Dutchie) life turned to crime and eventually death after his childhood group disbanded and his life changed..for the worse.

Here lately though it has been about artist coming back. Like Jeffery Osbourne who we first met in the 70’s as lead for the group L.T.D.  Peabo Bryson is also back with a hit being played on WROU 92.1. So are Envouge, the super all female group from the 90’s and early 2000’s. The difference I assume is those artist were at least in their 20’s when they hit it big. It seems to me that when big success comes early for a child in the biz,  that it can be more difficult, especially if they think hits will always come as easy as the first one, and more than often, they do not.

So I don’t know where “The Boys” are right now, I will just enjoy the music and videos they gave us when they were kids and wish them the best as young adults.



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