When My Teenagers Take The Wheel…I Called On Jesus To Take It Back!

Hey Friends!
I know you are thinking what could be so tough and stress me out so bad that I would fall to pieces…..I now have 2 teenagers in my house that have DRIVING PERMITS!!! Or TEMPS!
For some that seems like a good thing, frees me up do do other things and they can go about their business..well not quite yet!
Because you have to teach them to actually drive!

I have every confidence that they will learn, but it’s the hard stops, close calls, yelling(me) and Crying(also me) just gets to be a bit much for some one my age!(almost 50)

Instead putting my kids through anymore of this “Mad Mother Driver’s training From Hell,” I am sending them through a REAL driving school! That way my doctor can lower my blood pressure medication and my kids will like me again!

I hope other parts have had a more positive experience…this is making my hair fall out! No, REALLY!



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