What would Shirley Chisholm think?

Shirley Chisolm

You have to be a certain age for this name to resonate. If you are under 40 you may not even know that the first African American to run for President was  not Barack Obama. Nope it was not Jessie Jackson either. They may guess Al Sharpton , nope wrong again.  The distinction of being the first African American to run for President of the United States belongs to Shirley Chisholm, a black woman born November 30th 1924 in New York to immigrant parents from the Caribbean region. She went on to become  was the first black woman elected to Congress , she served 7 terms. In 1972 she became the first black candidate to seek a majors party nomination for President of the United States. Mrs. Chislolms life and times is to full to do justice in this blog, I strongly suggest you Google her and read about her extra ordinary character, her strength thru difficult times, the obstacles she had to overcome and most of all the love she had for this country. She passed in January of 2005 so she never got to  see what Barack Obama accomplished or what Donald Trump is attempting to unravel.



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