Vote! Vote! Vote!

“This election is so important”.  I know you hear that every year about this time. This election is a little different though. As I write this blog, bombs have been sent thru the mail to Former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, also to CNN,  to California Rep. Maxine Walters, also  to a New York City restaurant owned by actor Robert DeNiro. What each of them  have in common is they have talked negatively about President Trump. I don’t believe Trump is directly involved with this  domestic terrorism, but he has created the environment for something like this to happen. HE has attacked everyone who was sent one of these incendiary devices, that is not up for debate. According to our President Rep. Waters is “Low IQ”, the Clintons should be locked up, CNN is fake, Obama was not American, &  Robert DeNiro is a “trash actor”.  Americas political environment was already going over the edge, but with these latest incidents and the response to them by our leaders, I believe this borders on Third World behavior. Two former Presidents were targeted for assassination, and the current office holder has  a rally the SAME day and says the media has to start being more nice? I’m waiting for Ashton Kutcher to jump out and say we are all being punked!  Just in case this is not a new “Punked” episode, it is so important that you vote in this election that happens in less than two weeks. You can vote early if you like. The Montgomery County Board of Elections is located at 451 W. Third St., they are open Monday thru Friday from 8am to 5pm.  If you do not know where to go to vote you can call them at (937) 225-5656.  I have found this back and forth between the Democrats  and Republicans  funny and entertaining at times. The woman the republicans picked to question the woman who accused Brent Kavanaugh of sexual harassment, because they did not feel comfortable having all men question her, and then as soon as the woman started to ask a question, her time was up, that was hilarious!! They finally caught on and just cut her out all together, OMG, that was a funny. (SNL did did a skit on it). What is happening now though is not funny. Folks could have been killed and why? Because their thoughts on immigration differ from someone else’s? Because someone speaks truth to power? That seems very UnAmerican to me. So whatever your political preference, exercise your right to VOTE on Tuesday Nov. 6th!



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