Trumps Twilight Zone

President Trump called on the FBI and Dept. of Justice to investigate the Jussie Smollett case where prosecutors abruptly dropped charges earlier this week against the ‘Empire’ actor. The president Called the situation ‘an embarrassment to our Country” in a tweet earlier this morning. When asked by CNN about the Presidents Tweet,  the Dept. of Justice had no comment. There has to be very few, if anyone,  who believes Jussie told the truth about being attacked, and I can’t explain why prosecutors would drop charges when clearly the man is guilty, but for the President of the United States to weigh in on this situation is ridiculous. I don’t remember him asking for the FBI or Justice Dept. to intervene after the the confrontation and killing of a young woman  in Charlottesville  Virginia?  Plus isn’t he always talking down on the FBI and the Justice Dept., calling them the “Deep State” and that they are crooked? Are the  FBI and Justice Dept.  good investigators or not?  It looks like they are only bad investigators  when they are investigating  him, but are Good investigators  when they  investigate someone else. That’s different.  I look forward to seeing the report on the Smollett case, it’s likely to be made public before the Mueller Report.  That’s strange.   The President has me believing  we are  living in  Marathon Episodes  of the Twilight Zone!  That’s stranger.



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