Trump See’s Dead People!

President Trump is known for attacking everything and everyone from his former Attorney General Jeff Sessions to former Apprentice contestant & assistant to the President Omarosa Manigault.  Wednesday the President stooped to even a lower level by attacking a dead man. Senator John McCain passed away 7 months ago, but the President felt it necessary to  tell an audience here in Ohio how he disliked Mr. McCain. Trump claimed that McCain was the reason his Health care bill failed and  said McCain was behind the Dossier that accused him of committing unlawful acts, which led to the investigation and  appointment of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller which has now lasted over two years. To make his speech even  worse  was the fact he was speaking to a group of Veterans many who served as John McCain did. Trumps comments were met with eerily silence from the audience. This was the Presidents  3rd straight day of  attacks on the  war hero who was offered his freedom by the Vietnam military leaders after his plane crashed during a mission and he was captured in 1968. He turned the offer down that was made for his freedom (his Dad was a commander in the Military, which led to the offer). McCain ended up being a prisoner of War for another 5 years then released on March 14th 1973.  While a P.O.W he was tortured to the extent that he could not extend his arms and for the President to attack this war hero is just terrible, what makes it even worse is the fact it has been reported President Trump never sat foot in Vietnam during that war  and when drafted claimed he had bone spurs and received a deferment.  John McCain’s daughter Megham McCain, who is a regular on ‘The View” defended her Dad saying  ” This is a bizzare new low to attack someone who is not here to defend himself, but I’m sure as  Hell here to defend my dad”.



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