Trotwood Mayor Takes A Stand Against Reckless Driving With Legislation

Trotwood Mayor Mary McDonald  is addressing the reckless driving issue plaguing the community with legislation.
This is the proposed legislation the community is asking State Representative Phil Plummer to enact in the bill that he will be announcing this week at the Ohio State House.
Reckless driving is also referred to as “Hooning” and is defined as operating a motor vehicle in a reckless or dangerous manner to provoke a reaction from spectators – speeding, street racing, performing doughnuts, burnouts, drifting, rapid acceleration, squealing tires, engine revving.
The Bill would enact sections of the Ohio Revised Code addressing this behavior as follows:
> Operators or passengers could be charged with Hooning, a misdemeanor of the first degree (up to 180 days jail time and $1,000 fine)
> Spectators could also be charged with Hooning Complicity, an unclassified misdemeanor (up to $1,000 fine and 500 hours of community service)
Additionally,  there are other, separate changes being proposed (HB 580) that would allow the State to potentially seize the motor vehicle used in Hooning.
Mayor McDonald, Representative Plummer, Law Director Chris Conard, Police Chief Erik Wilson, and other City Staff members began working on this initiative in June of this year after many lives were lost due to the dangerous behavior in the city of Trotwood.

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