Many people online are not happy with the reunion with some hoping there is not a third episode-too late, there is!

Here are the top 5 takeaways from the reunion. Marlo vs Kenya. The Icon vs the Ex-Con, The Shade Assassin vs the Fashionista. Whatever you call them most of the episode centered on these two. Speaking of Receipts. The producers were credited for keeping receipts on EVERYONE with some saying this needs to be done in every franchise. The (Dog) Bone Collector. Drew definitely got it for having a doggy bone to throw at Fatum when she does not own a dog. This showed the lengths Drew went to create ‘a moment’ for herself. But did it backfire? Sanya’s First Rodeo.

When asked what’s harder, being a gold medal runner or a housewife, Sanya said a housewife. Kenya is The Moment When Moments Are Hard To Come By. If it wasn’t for She by Sheree and Kenya’s ‘moments’ this season would have been dry.

What were your favorite and least favorite moments from this season of RHOA and from the reunion?

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