Tips on staying warm.

You must be asking yourself how can someone who has lived down south for the past 25 years give me tips on how to stay warm this winter in Ohio? Well, watch.

Here are my top three tips on staying warm during these winters months in Dayton Ohio.

Tip 1) Move to Miami Fl.

Tip 2) Move to any city in Louisiana.

Tip 3)  Move.

If these tips are not helpful, I suggest you get weather tips from TV 7 meteorologist Kirstie Zontini.  She is better qualified than I am.   I have not even owned a coat since 1994, so why would  you get weather tips from me?  You should check  with me when you want to try to win $1,000!  I’ll have that opportunity for you in the morning starting at 10:00am on Dayton’s R&B Leader 92.1 WROU



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