Tiger Wins Masters!

It took over a decade but Tiger Woods won another Green Jacket. Tiger won his 5th Master Championship  Sunday in Augusta Georgia. This is the  biggest comeback in Golf history and arguably the biggest comeback in sports history. After his affairs as a married man became public, crashing into a tree after being chased out the house by his then wife, the divorce, the back surgeries, the fall from the top of the rankings, the video recorded arrest in Jupiter Florida at 3am in the morning  where he told the State Trooper he thought he was in Southern California, Tiger was not just a Golfer who had lost his Number One rankings, he was a broken man, period. I never was a big Tiger fan to start with, I could not relate to his golf game, his life style or up bringing. Then his refusal to totally buy in to his African American heritage really rubbed me the wrong way. My friends Grandfather put it best when he said “the media and the world reminded Tiger he can be treated like any other black man in the U.S.”.  It was touching to see Tiger hugging  his son after he won the Masters Sunday, it was reminiscent of him being hugged by his Father after he won the Masters back in 1997. Even if you are not a golf fan you have to admire and root for Tiger after all he has been through. On another note, do you think Tigers ex wife was cheering for him to win? Do you think it bothers her all the love he is once again receiving? Remember, I think it was “People” magazine who pictured on it’s cover all the females Tiger had cheated on his wife with. She has to have mixed emotions while the rest of the world celebrates her ex husband’s comeback. Next for Tiger? To break Jack Nicholas’s record of 18 major tournament wins. Tiger has 16.



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