Recently, Tiffany Haddish revealed that Common was pursuing her while he was in a relationship with Angela Rye. Tiffany said, “The only celebrity I’ve entangled with, it was two years of him chasing me down before I finally was like, ‘OK, let’s do something.’ That was the top of 2020.” She continued on when he started to pursue her: “We met at the beginning of 2018, 2017,” which was around the time he was with Angela Rye. Rye said about their breakup in 2020: “We had been talking for about two months about let’s see where things go, because I’m leaning towards ‘I want kids’ and he was leaning towards ‘I don’t know.’ I think when somebody tells you I don’t know, they just tell you that because they don’t really want to hurt you.”

What’s the worst reason someone broke up with you?

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