The Magic is Gone!

Magic Johnson resigned as President of Operations for the L.A. Lakers yesterday. The move surprised everyone including owner Jeanie Buss which had many people speculating that there is more to this story than meets the eye. An unreleased ESPN story speculated that problems with other employees in the Laker front office is what lead to him leaving his position. The Lakers failed to make the playoffs for the 6th straight season this year after signing LeBron James this past off season.  A failed trade attempt mid season to bring in Anthony Davis failed, injuries to Lebron and other key players hurt team chemistry and bickering between players on the trading block added even more turmoil.  Magic, who brought L.A. five Championships back in the 80’s and briefly coached the team in the 90’s is beloved in L.A., but  clearly feels like the team is not moving in the right direction and jumped ship. So where does this leave LaBron? Should the Lakers trade him, he will be in his 19th season next year.?  I became a Magic Johnson fan back when he played at Michigan St and won a NCAA championship after defeating the Larry Bird led Indiana State team. I’m a bigger Magic fan than Laker fan and if Magic feels the need to walk away from the team than so do I.  If the Lakers do not land another big time  free agent (they won’t) or acquire Anthony Davis this off season with a trade with the Pelicans  (they will not) it’s going to be another six years before they are back in the playoffs. Good luck.



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