The Coldest Week Of The Year Quiz! Let’s See How You Scored!

Temperatures plummeted and wind chills fell to -40 below zero this week!

Take the “How Cold Was It Quiz!” and see just how COLD you were!

  1. Did you cuss when you had to go outside? 5 points
  2. Did you leave you windshield wipers up to keep them from freezing to the windshield? 5 points
  3. Did you leave your thermostat set on 73 and just add more clothes?  3 points
  4. Did you decide to stay in a relationship to keep from being outside in this weather?
    yes-10 points                                                                                                                                                  no- 5 points 
  5. Put Vaseline on your face to keep from feeling the cold on your skin?  10 points
  6. Took every bag in the house at one time to keep from making 2 trips! 8 points
  7. Lied and told your kids out side was CLOSED until temperatures rose above 20 degrees. 3 points
  8. Walked your animals from inside the house. (Dog on leash out the back door you inside in the warmth of the kitchen! lol) 10 points
  9. Decided NOT to go to work based on how cold it was. 5 points
  10. Changed what you were going to eat because you would have to leave the house for it. 5 points

It’s been that cold that I had time to come up with this quiz!

Stay warm my friends!



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