Tamron Hall is back+One!

I enjoyed watching Tamron Hall when she was on the “Today” show, when she was abruptly replaced by Megyn Kelly I was disappointed.  The executives must of saw the error in their ways and  Megayn Kelly  has since been fired. Tamron’s new show will start September 9th simply entitled “Tamron Hall” Her show enters a very crowded and competitive arena, daytime talk shows are popping up and being cancelled all the time. Tamrons  personality, interviewing skills and likability should keep her at or very near the top. That is not the only good news for Tamron, she also announced she recently married & and 32 weeks.  Music executive Steven Greener is the lucky guy. Steven has worked with Fantasia,  he co-created Fresh Prince of  Bel Air  which starred Will Smith and worked with comedy  legend Bernie Mack.  We wish Tamron & Steven the best!



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