Soul Train Awards?

This has to be the only award show named after a show that no longer exist. Soul Train at one time was THE only place African American artist could be seen by their fans. Many Saturday mornings of mine were spent watching Sly and the Family Stone, The Ojays, Bootsy Collins , The Brothers Johnson and many others performing on Soul Train. You tuned into Soul Train to see the new dances, new styles and hear new music. I could recreate the  dance moves, and come fairly close to style of dress.

Well these days.. A) kids don’t dance anymore and B) when you do see the artist of today on TV, good luck imitating that 60K neclace or the Black Diamond ear studs. Would artist of today even show up for Soul Train the television show? And if they did would it come with gunfire backstage when they run into another rapper that dissed them on record?  Don Cornelius…..I thought it would be good to get his name in here somewhere. Love, peace and Sooouuul.  Yea, well good luck with that too!



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