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From 10am to 3pm Monday through Saturday it’s my pleasure to not only bring you great R&B, mixed with a little laughter and fun, I give you entertainment news and fun facts about the artists and music that just might be useless but makes you think just a little bit! But most of all it’s my pleasure to put a smile on your face as I take you down memory lane with your favorite R&B hits and get you through your work day!


Theo Smith

“The Midday with Theo Smith”

10a-3pm Weekdays

Theo Smith stated out as the Host of The Quitefire at U 92 WROU for many years.  I’d like to think that I’m a very romantic person …
I have lived in the area all my life.  I enjoy music traveling all over the world and enjoying a great meals.
I enjoy the Caribbean.
Favorite sport football team The Dallas Cowboys
Favorite job everyone , I’ve ever had and I’ve had many jobs.
Favorite food crab legs
Favorite city Las Vegas
Favorite person I’ve ever met, Mrs Coretta Scott King
Favorite Singer Luther Vandross
Favorite comedian Redd Foxx and Bernie Mac
Favorite airline the old American Airlines
Born in Piqua Ohio
Favorite music recording producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis
Favorite book the Bible
I must say that I really enjoy helping people and being very respectful to everybody.
In a nutshell
I’m a mature, family oriented, fun loving, hardworking and
Domestic man.