Good morning and welcome to the ride! Better put some respeck on my Monday. Nobody knows crazy like J. Anthony Brown. Something is up with the repeat button inside The Jackpot Joint of Jeru$alem. Was Kimye’s divorce a publicity stunt used to promote the release of Donda or nah? Is Earvin inbound to ‘First Take’ now that Kellerman is out? The monkey wrote back and we see that he is a true wordsmith. Carla fills us in on how to help those that have been affected by Hurricane Ida. There is a viral video that calls all you lying and inconsiderate bastards out, straight up! The comedians give us the mean things that bonus fathers say inside Comedy Roulette. The Closing Convo for today gives a quote from the darkest one, “you don’t take a nap, the nap takes you.”


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