Sam I am a fan!

It seems like the only thing Sam Smith and I have in common is we both like good music, and that’s good enough for me. Sam Smith was born in London May 19th 1992, he recently was quoted as saying  “I am not male or female I am gender Nonbinary”.  I don’t even know what “gender Nonbinary” means!  Sam admits he had lip suction at the age 12 after his mom took him to a doctor who told him his body was storing excessive amounts of estrogen in his chest which caused him to form breast. That had to be confusing for a 12 year old male. As an adult after a messy breakup with former boyfriend actor Brandon Flynn, he thanked Flynn for breaking his heart while accepting his Grammy award for his hit song “Stay with me” which he had written for Flynn. OK, I’ll admit ALL of that is a little foreign to me, but I fully understand Sam’s music. His latest “Dancing with a Stranger” is another definite hit for Smith. There have been other successful blue eyed soul artist going all the way back to Tom Jones up thru Jon B, but Sam Smith seems to have blazed his own trail from London to the United States by being himself and very soulful! Tune in to WROU 92.1 and request Sam’s latest if you have not heard it yet, you will like it!




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