Ruben & Luther.

Ruben Studdart is coming to Dayton and the show is titled “Ruben sings Luther”. Ruben is talented, I already have my tickets but lets take a closer look at this. Other than the fact both are African American and both had issues with weight, they are totally different singers. Luther paid his dues for many years as a studio background singer, Ruben popped up on TV and instantly took off. Luther has Grammy’s, toured the world, had millions of fans, Luther’s music was playing during the conception  of millions of babies. Luther is in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, his fans know Luther was a one of a kind. Ruben was hot during a season of a television show. I would submit to you Ruben has never been as hot as he was during that 1 season of American Idol. That is not a knock against him,  because other than Fantasia, Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, the season those other performers had on American Idol was the high point of their career. Whomever idea it was to put this type of pressure on Ruben knows one thing, Luther’s fans miss him dearly and just invoking his name will bring out some folks. Hopefully when the music starts they will not go into total shock when they realize NO ONE  comes close to Luther. At the concert I will not compare Ruben to Luther, April 4th at the Victoria Theater I plan on seeing a performer paying tribute to Luther Vandross , not trying to be Luther Vandross. See ya there!



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