Reaching Billionaire Cosmetic Status…With A Face Surgery Created!

Here is the formula to becoming a “Self-Made” Young Billionaire:

  1. Have RICH parents( Natural and Step)
  2. Have a sister who is a stylist to the a THOT on camera with “L-list R&B singer.
  3. Have YOUR MOTHER release the tape…WITH EDITS.
  4. Get your face “DONE” to look like a completely different person.
  5. Have your mother pimp out the whole family with a TV series with millions of viewers to shamelessly promote.
  6. Sell the image of the NEW face on a cosmetic line…..
  7. THEN….BAM….Billionaire status
    True Story…..this is never what it seems in the public….smoke, mirrors and make-up.

Kyle is in the CENTER



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