Omarosa Recorded Almost EVERYTHING!!

Now that she has a New York Times bestselling book, She hasn’t stopped promoting it!
What makes it even juicier is that there is more info leaking about her time at the White House, including the latest which is said to be so crazy! The leak is reportedly saying that Omorosa recorded nearly every conversation at the White House.

A “source” told Axios, “Omarosa taped nearly every conversation she had while working in the White House, including ones with ‘all of the Trumps,’ a source who watched her make many of the tapes, tells Axios. Omarosa did this with a personal phone, almost always on record mode.”

How would you feel if where you worked, you felt the need to record every single conversation, “JUST IN CASE!” Wow!
Of course the book is available on all platforms and has already reached the New York Times bestsellers list. Makes you wonder….whats next?



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