Not Fashionable!

The executives over at Burberry thought it would be fashionable to create a hoodie equipped with a Noose.  I feel safe in saying all “Executives” are not as smart as you may assume. If these executives knew the stigma that comes along with a Noose, attached to a hoodie or not is not good for business.      This comes along with recent news of singer Jussic Smollett claiming he was attacked and  a noose was forcibly placed around his neck. I was doubtful of his story from jump. Who is walking around Chicago with  a noose and a bottle of bleach looking for minorities?  This obvious false report by Smollett only makes it  more difficult for the next individual who is REALLY attacked to be  believed.  Bottom line,  it can be a false report or a false fashion statement, Nooses are NEVER cool!



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