Not a fan of TNF.

I can name every Super Bowl Champion  since the Miami Dolphins went undefeated and won the title in 1972. I can tell you about the “Catch”, the “Drive” the “Funble” the strike, the replacement players, Jim Marshall running the wrong way, Tom Brady’s 1st start after Drew Bledsoe got hurt. I remember John Madden coaching the Raiders to a Super Bowl victory long before kids started playing “Madden”. I remember when Billy “White Shoes” Johnson started the  Touchdown celebration dances in the end zone! So now you know how big of a NFL fan I am. With all that said I have to admit I am not a fan of these Thursday night games. Yea they are cool at the start of the season when everyone is fresh. As the season wears on though the games become less competitive, more penalties and just the overall quality of play diminishes. To ask these players to play on a Sunday then turn around and be ready a little over 3 days later may be asking a bit too much. You must give these players time to  recuperate.  They say that a NFL game is like getting into a car crash every play. Well if that is  the case, don’t most people rest a couple of weeks after being involved in a  car crash? The NFL wants to portray safety is a priority, but I must  question that when they choose to play games so close to one another. On top of that these Thursday night games are normally fielded by less than .500 teams. Pittsburgh  and the Carolina who play tonight   are an exception to that rule, but still I would rather see them play on Sunday afternoon  or Monday Night.



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