NBA Draft is Tonight!

Due to the NBA draft that takes place tonight I must keep this blog short so I can go get one last workout in before my name is announced tonight. I have had so much fun here at WROU this past year, but it’s time to make a move. I anticipate being picked this evening with the 4th or 5th pick which means I probably will not be coming into work tomorrow I’m sure my new team will want to fly me in and meet executives,  my new teammates and the fans!  Then I anticipate a two hour meeting with the folks at NIKE, a quick interview with Charles Barkley on TNT  and then a stop at my bank to deposit the 17.5 Million I anticipate will be my signing bonus! So it’s been good Dayton, I love it here but my future awaits me in the NBA! Peace.

OK just in case this don’t go as planned  join me in the morning starting at 10am on Dayton’s R&B Leader  WROU 92.1!




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