NBA draft better than games!

I believe it’s a foregone conclusion the Golden State Warriors will beat the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA Finals this year. Sorry Rockets, Nuggets, Toronto and Boston fans but your teams will fall short this year. What I can’t predict is what team will have the first pick in the NBA draft next week.  Cleveland Cavs, Phoenix Suns, and the New York Knicks each haxe a 14% chance of getting the top pick. There is no doubt what player will be chosen first- Zion Williamson of Duke. I would love to see Zion go to New York and team up with KD and Kyrie, thats been the talk on sports talk shows. I am not a New York fan, although I do remember their last Championship back in 1973 with Walt Frazier and Earl ‘The Pearl’ Monroe. It would be nice to have some meaningful games in the Mecca, Madison Square Garden. They have been a terrible team with a even worse owner (James Dolan)  ever since Pat Riley left for the Miami Heat, where LaBron James would later join him and Dwayne Wade and win two  NBA Championships. No one in this years draft was even born in 1973, which was the last year the Knicks won a title. If they should draft Zion and Kevin Durant and Kyrie Ervin join him, a Championship should follow shortly after. It all depends on those ping pong balls next Tuesday night.   There has not been so much interest in pimg pong balls since Forrest Gump hung up his ping pong paddle years ago. I’ll be watching this year NBA draft  to see what team  gets Zion and to wait for my name to be called, I’m thinking maybe in the second round. 🙂



NBA Draft is Tonight! 100 days and counting! Aretha, Elvis & Elton at Hollywood Gaming Thursday! Big Payback Contest Starts Today! Old School Groove Night This Friday! AG testifies today-Mueller unhappy!