My Bracket is Busted!

I have to stop picking NCAA tournament winners with my head and not my heart. It was my heart that had the Univ. of Cincinnati going to the Elite 8. The Univ.of Cincinnati lost in Round One to Iowa. My heart also told me to ride with Ohio State, Ohio State lost in Round Two to the University of Houston. Before the Tournament teams were announced I had Xavier in the Tournament and advancing to the Round of 32. Xavier was beaten in Round one….of the N.I.T. Just for the record I had Wright State advancing too. That would be for heart picks and Four losses! I’m in bext to last place in the company basketball pool. šŸ™Ā  Ā  I’m better than that,Ā  I should of picked like I really felt instead of trying to fit into a new City with new people who I knew liked the Bearcats, the Buckeye’s , the MusketeersĀ  and whatever the Wright St. team calls their selves. I’ll never do that again, if your team sucks , I’m going to say “your team sucks” from now on!Ā  I’m happy to say thatĀ  all my Final Four picks are still in the TournamentĀ  Duke, Houston, N. Carolina & Michigan . O picked those teams with my head not my Heart!



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