Meet Tom & Sybil Thursday!

For over 20 years Tom Joyner and Sybil Wilkes have held down the best morning show on  radio. It’s even longer if you count when they ONLY  woke up folks in Chicago,  now they wake up the entire country including us here in Dayton. For DJ’s like me, we all know Tom’s story and respect him deeply. What he has done for HBCU’s, single mom’s, and  families  effected by  storms or other disasters is undeniable, then you throw in the parties, the cruises and the Family reunions he has for his listeners and you see why he is a beloved figure in the community. He has always woke us up bright and early every morning at 6:00am here  on WROU 92.1 and now here is your opportunity to meet & enjoy Happy Hour with Tom and Sybil Thursday at the Unity Banquet Center. No ticket needed, it’s free!  Swing by after you get off  work and introduce your self to the ‘Fly Jock’ Tom Joyner and Sybil Wilkes. This is an ‘Happy Hour’ event so do not plan on going back to work in the condition you left work. The drink specials that will be going on  will be too good  to not take advantage of. This event starts at 4:00pm at 735 Cincinnati st.,  plenty of parking, vendors and food will be available. The legendary Ron Hunter will be working the One’s  and Two’s,  so be prepared to party as you mingle with Tom, Sybil and all your friends here at WROU 92.1!



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