McDonald’s location allegedly offering ‘free’ iPhones to new employees amid worker shortage
FILE- This Feb. 15, 2018, file photo shows a McDonald's Restaurant in Brandon, Miss. A Utah man is suing McDonald's alleging that an employee spiked his Diet Coke in Aug. 2016 with a heroin substitute. (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis, File)

McDonald’s Location Allegedly Offering “Free” iPhones To New Employees Amid Worker Shortage A lot of businesses have been upping their incentives recently due to employee shortages.  One McDonald’s is offering a free iPhone to new employees. The conditions state that the employee has to maintain 6 months employment and meet certain employment criteria before they are eligible for the phone. A McDonald’s in Florida recently gave out $50 dollars just for coming in for an interview. Have you taken a job just to receive an incentive similar to this?