Madea’s Final visit!

Hopefully you already have your tickets to see Tyler Perry’s Madea tomorrow night at the Nutter Center. I have had the opportunity to see a few of Tyler Perry’s  plays, some on back to back nights and every show was a little different. The audience participation is 50% of the show which makes every performance a little different from the previous show. Unlike Madea movies, dialogue in the plays seem to differ from show to show. I had a walk on part in a Tyler Perry play way back in the day , he often would put radio personalities in his shows and in return we would talk about the show on the radio. Tyler Perry of today doesn’t have to do that  for publicity anymore. Tyler & Madea are known world-wide,  Tyler says he is about to retire Madea but according to the Hollywood Reporter , Madea movies have grossed over $556,236,898.00. It has enabled Tyler to open his on Film studio on over 5 acres in his hometown of Atlanta. So even though her stop here in Dayton is billed as her “Final Tour” I would think Madea would return in the near future. To me it would seem  difficult to leave that type of Money $$ unclaimed on the table when so many folks want to give it to you. Then again I’m just a DJ looking for a walk on part in one of his plays again!



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