It’s been a few days since Lucky Daye released Algorithm, a project he released with the intention of showing fans a deeper side of him. 

“I want to be vulnerable when I’m making music. I can make something straight up whatever, but I want to show myself,” he tells Variety. “I’m a work in progress and God be working on me, so I want to share that stuff. It’s an exciting feeling.”

The process of opening up, especially about loss and regret in relationships, however, proved to be a bit challenging for Lucky.

“While making it, I was going through this stuff,” he says. “Fortunately, for my creativity, I was literally trying to figure out who was supposed to be around me. What’s going on, what were my mistakes, what is my mistakes? Just moving people and arranging things in my life.”

He says it “took a little time to fix a lot of screws that were loose,” but he believes Algorithm, a confluence of funk, rock, R&B and psychedelic, marks the beginning of a new era in his life.

“I know I’m solidified as far as in the industry and Grammy nominations, my peers love me and I have diehard fans who I love dearly,” Lucky says. “So now, I think this is a guy saying you can go crazy, you can travel through the world of creativity and you don’t need to feel like you’re in a box no more.”

“And if it win, it win. And if it don’t, I’m still in my purpose,” he continues. “I’m comfortable with that, this is something that people don’t know they’re not ready for.”

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