Kristoff St. John “Young & The Restless” Star Found Dead! He Was Just 52!

Rest in peace to a healing soul and wonderful actor. Our Prayers and love go out to his family and fans!

TMZ is reporting that Kristoff St. John of the daytime soap opera The Young & Restless” was found dead on Sunday by a friend that went to check on him. His wife posting a tearful statement on Instagram.

Mia reacted to Kristoff’s death with an emotional post on social media (which she has since deleted), and it’s clear she is connecting his death to their son Julian’s. She wrote, “THAT HOSPITAL KILLED OUR SON @TheArtofJulian THEN MY HUSBAND @kristoffstjohn1. THATS WHAT HAPPENED! THEY KILLED MY FAMILY”

After their son’s death, Kristoff and Mia founded the El Saber es Poder (Knowledge is Power) Foundation to battle mental illness.

Kristoff was 52.

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