It’s getting bad in L.A.

After losing Tuesday night to my old  Home Town  town team the Atlanta Hawks,  the L.A. Lakers go into the All Star break in 10th place and out of the playoffs in the Western Conference.  To lose to the Hawks is just bad. I lived in Atlanta, it’s always a home game for the opposing team when they play in Atlanta. First of all, the majority of folks who live in Atlanta moved to Atlanta from somewhere else, so they really don’t have loyalty to the Hawks, especially since the team has not had a marquee player since Dominique Wilkens. The home Atlanta crowd will only come out to games when a Superstar plays for the other team and they  will often cheer for the visitors. I’ve seen it. I’ve done it. So for the Lakers to lose what was basically a home game to a team with one of the worst records in the league means there is only one thing left to do….Fire the coach Luke Walton.  I would not be surprised if  Luke is not the coach when the team returns to action  after the All Star break in 10 days  You heard it here first!



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