I’m ready now!

Since moving back to Ohio I have ran into high school friends I have not seen for over 20 years and they will show me pictures of their kids and grandchildren, when I pull out my photos I hear “your grandson is adorable does he look like his dad”? I have to reply, “yea that’s Myson, he looks like me a lot, huh”? Yes, my son is 8 years old, and I am…….too old to have an 8 year old!  Although I would rather be too old to have a 8 year old than too young to have a 8 year old. I will be the first to admit that radio has been the center of my world for nearly three decades, I have packed up all of my belongings and moved  more than a several times. Ohio to Georgia to Texas to Louisiana to Wisconsin to California, I can’t forget South Carolina and Alabama. No responsibilities, no children and I was over 40. I was a radio personality  for hire, if you had a radio station and $$, I would accept the job. That is  not the lifestyle to be living and to raise a child at the same time. family, I was still raising myself. I would get jealous seeing my friends and their kids but I knew  I was not ready to be a parent back then. More importantly God knew I was not ready back then. As I watch movies with my son and then 30 minutes into it I realize it’s not a movie but a video game, or when I try to figure how to beat my son at Fortnite (that’s a video game) or fly Myson’s drone without crashing it into the side of the garage I wonder am I even ready now!  Fortunately I can read a manual or directions and figure those things out,  there is no document known to man that would of helped me be a good dad 20 years ago. But by God’s Grace I’m ready now!



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