He’s Back!

The Grinch is coming to steal the night before Thanksgiving!                                                                               LeBron James returns to Cleveland tonight to face his old team, or at least what is left of his old team.    Kevin Love  is hurt, JR Smith is off the team,  Kyrie is in Boston and Ty Lue is at home. Predictably the Cavs have the worst record in the NBA.  If they are hoping for the first pick of next years draft, then  they are off to a great start. Even if they get Zion Williamson from Duke in the draft, he is not  Lebron James. It’s back to the bad old days for the fans of Cleveland. The Browns,  I think will win eventually, the Indians are always competitive, but it will be a while before we see the Cavs even in the NBA playoffs.    I am predicting its gets embarrassing for the home team tonight. James is coming off of a 51 point performance against another one of his ex teams, the Miami Heat. Get ready Cleveland fans it may get ugly. Uglier than it already is.

The Lakers play Cleveland tonight at 8 on ESPN.



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