Happy 50th Fresh Prince!

FILE - In this Dec. 15, 2017 photo, Will Smith poses for photographers upon arrival at the European premiere of the Netflix film 'Bright' in London. Smith is at it again as a sci-fi cop in the new Netflix film “Bright.” The film, in select theaters and on Netflix starting Dec. 22, has not been well reviewed. No matter. Smith said at the Dec. 13 Los Angeles premiere he no longer considers each project as make or break. (Photo by Joel C Ryan/Invision/AP)

Call him Philadelphia native, rapper, actor, Big Willy, Fresh prince, dad, husband or Will Smith, odds are good he will answer to any of those. He came to our attention in  1988 when he  explained to us why parents just don’t understand along with his partner Jazzy Jeff.  Maybe you became familiar with him in 1990 when he moved into his uncle Phil’s  house as the Fresh Prince on the NBC sitcom… You do understand we are all still here on earth because he saved mankind in 1996’s motion picture Independence Day, right? Unfortunately his wife in that movie, Vivica A. Fox had not teamed up with Queen Latifah and Will’s  future wife Jada Pinkett yet, because judging by how they tore stuff up in “Set it off”, they could of handled the outer space dudes  in Independence day! Will followed that up with Men in Black (I only watched the first 2, sorry). He proved he could do more than just action films when he portrayed Muhammad Ali in the film “Ali”! He was nominated for an Oscar that year (Denzil won). He then married my then “pretend she’s my woman”, Jada Pinkett (who has since been replaced by “pretend she’s my woman” Serena Williams). They have two beautiful children who are already venturing into the music/movie business, so we are set to be entertained by the Smith’s for years to come! Happy Birthday Big Willy!



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