Florence Victims Need Our Help!

Alpha Media is here to help in these rough times of Hurricane Florence! If you know of loved ones who need help in the affected areas please have then simply have them click the link and follow the instructions.>>>>>HurricanFlorenceRelief<<<<<<<

  • Overnight, more than 20,000 people sought refuge in more than 200 Red Cross and community shelters across the impacted region.
  • This includes at least 17,000 people in 139 shelters in North Carolina, and 3,000 people in 59 shelters in South Carolina. Nearly 100 additional people stayed in 13 shelters in Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Maryland and Kentucky.
  • So far, working with partners, the Red Cross has served 129,444 meals and snacks across eight states.
  • About 2,330 Red Cross disaster workers from all over the country have been mobilized to help shelter, feed and support people affected by Florence.
  • The Red Cross is mobilizing more than 130 emergency response vehicles and more than 70 trailers of equipment and supplies, including ready-to-eat meals and enough cots/blankets for 100,000+ people.
  • Since September 11, more than 3.9 million weather alerts have been sent through Red Cross apps to help people make lifesaving decisions.
  • We’re also working with the Southern Baptists to deploy multiple field kitchens that can together produce 170,000 meals per day.




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