Faith Daniels Returns to Fox 45 with “Empire” and “STAR” Reviews September 26th! Are You Ready!?

Hey Cookie Monsters and all fans of The Lyons Family!!!
EMPIRE is coming back next week and you have GOT TO BE WATCHING!!

I will be appearing weekly on FOX 45 breaking down the “OMG MOMENTS” and “OH SNAP Moments” that you won’t want to miss it each Wednesday Morning at 8:14 am tune in and check it out!

The love/hate and murder in the music industry continues with STAR each Wednesday following Empire!



Empire Fans! The Season is ON FIRE ALREADY! Would SEX Be Safer 20 Years Later By Carrying THIS Card? WOW!!!! You Won’t Believe What She Sounds Like! FLORENCE GRIFFITH JOYNER: The Fastest Woman Of All Time! When My Teenagers Take The Wheel…I Called On Jesus To Take It Back! Emmy Awards Showcased A Few Ohio’s Finest!