Big Payback Contest Starts Today!

I would love  for you guys to listen to every minute of my show from 10a – 3pm! If your life situation makes that difficult then  I encourage to at least listen between 11a-1pm for me to open up my Cash Register,  that is your cue to be caller number nine at (937) 457-9292, and get paid!. Question. Are YOU making $100.00 an hour? If not then the Big Payback contest  is here to hook you up. If you have a mean boss at your  job have him/her  call me so we can straightness that out ASAP! You need to make $100.00 a hour and they can’t be holding you down like that!!  Faith will open her cash register between 4p-6p for another opportunity for you to get PAID.  The Big Payback contest  runs thru June 14th, so set your clock for  11am & 4pm  Monday thru Friday and grab some CASH!



NBA Draft is Tonight! 100 days and counting! NBA draft better than games! Aretha, Elvis & Elton at Hollywood Gaming Thursday! Old School Groove Night This Friday! AG testifies today-Mueller unhappy!