Bengals are for real, for real?

So after a quarter of the NFL season only the Kansas City Chiefs have a better record than the Bengals.  The Chiefs  start a 2nd year quarterback,  so is he really ready to lead them to the Super Bowl?  I do not think so!  So the Bengals are going to the Super Bowl right? The past couple of NFL cities I have lived in have been disappointing. No need to mention the 0-16  season the Texans had when I lived in Houston, or any of the other disappointing season results they gave Houston fans.   Welcome to Atlanta? I don’t think so. I move there and they blow the Super Bowl in overtime to the Patriots! New Orleans last year & they lose on a Hail Mary to the Vikings! Another heart break. I move to Dayton, now here comes the Bengals, looking like a contender. So I will ask you guys since y’all been here—are they gonna let me down?  Am I building my hopes up for a big game for the Cincinnati  Bengals  in February of ’19 only to be dropped like Paula did Robin? (Patton&Thick). I tend to go off when I lose, something like how  Brenda did Lionel.  Let me know now when it’s early, please do  not surprise me once I am really  into it, Like Bill did Camille.  The Bengals coach worries me , but for now I am on the bandwagon.

See how well other folks  failed relationships help me explain my thoughts? Weird huh?  I express more of my inner thoughts Monday thru Saturday 10a-3pm  on Dayton’s R&B Leader WROU 92.1.




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