American Soul fooled me

It was advertised as a behind the scene look at how  Don Cornelius created the iconic show “Soul Train”. Like everyone else I was a big Soul Train fan back in the 70’s and 80’s.  After Don Cornelius  stopped hosting the show I didn’t  tune in as much because the show was definitely for a younger  generation. Actor Shemar Moore took over as host and Soul Train ran for a few more years. Clearly though the early days were the  best times for Soul Train and I had looked forward to Seeing BET’s  “American Soul” and  getting the 411 on all the background and backstage events concerning Soul Train.  I had so many memories like Marvin Gaye playing Don Cornelius in a one on one basketball game when they set up a basketball court on the dance floor or seeing Michael Jackson do the Robot to ‘Dancing Machine’ or trying to figure out the names on the Soul Train Scramble Board.  After watching the series “American Soul”  I must admit that I was disappointed. We did learn that Don and Gladys Knight were romantically involved at one time, I had never heard that .  We learned just as much though  about the dancers, the dancers family, altimeters disease, their family issues, divorces  and racism.  Damn, I didn’t anticipate all that nor do I care.  I wanted to know stuff like whatever happened to that high yellow dude with the black hat who always pointed to the sky like a Michael Jackson video move?  Years later  saw him in a New Edition video imitating Michael again. How was he before the cameras rolled? Did Snoop Dog REALLY  have his dressing room smelling like his favorite past time and Don became very very upset? How did a young Al Green interact with the female Soul Train dancers?  Exactly how many members were in Earth Wind & Fire, and how did they fit them all on that small stage?  Unfortunately none of those questions were answered in the show. Maybe an ‘Unauthorized’ version will be released later so we can l;earn the true background details about  the show we grey up on, SSSOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUULLLL Train!



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