Alliance of American Football

I had the opportunity to catch the game between the San Antonio Commanders  Vs  San Diego Fleet. Those are two of the eight teams that make up the Alliance of America Football league.  The games were on CBS, the same network that broadcast the Super Bowl two weeks ago, so the league has the backing of  an important element to be a successful football league -Television.  Mike Martz who once coached  the “Greatest Show on Turf ” with the L.A Rams in the NFL,  is a head coach in the AAF. They also have about 15 players with NFL experience. This idea was tried about 20 years ago with the XFL, which folded after one year. Hopefully they have learned  from the mistakes the XFL made and will succeed.  It may  be tough to get viewers once the NBA Playoffs start, especially to watch players we are not familiar with but it was cool watching football two weeks after the Super Bowl. We shall see if they are around this time in 2020!



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