Alicia Keys has been married to husband Swizz Beatz for 12 years, but says marriage is something “we all struggle with it.” In her interview with WSJ. Magazine, she shares some of the secrets to maintaining their happy bond.

“Really carving out the time for each other,” she says. “That time together with you and your partner is so priceless. And to carve out that time and to make that important, as important as those daily things, I think it really pours back into the relationship. You remember why you are in love, you remember why you just like each other, what’s interesting about each other.”

When it comes to business, Alicia goes to Swizz — a record producer, DJ, songwriter and rapper — for assistance. As for the advice that’s helped her through life in general, she leans on a quote she often used to hear from her grandmother.

“My grandmother always said, ‘Nothing before the time,’ [part of a verse from 1 Corinthians 4:5]. I didn’t like that when I was growing,” she says. “Now that I understand things a little more, I do realize that nothing before its time. Sometimes you can be so bent on whatever it is you want, that you don’t let the universe work. Let the universe work. Let things work for you. Let things happen for you that you never would’ve imagined.”

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