AG testifies today-Mueller unhappy!

Attorney General William Barr has some explaining to do this morning. When the 444 page Mueller report was released last month, AG Barr summarized the report in 4 pages and concluded¬† that President Trump was innocent of any wrongdoing. There is one slight problem though. Robert Mueller, who authored the report says that Barr misrepresented what the Mueller report stated. After remaining silent for years Mueller spoke out yesterday about his displeasure of how his report was being reported by the media and characterized by Attorney General Barr. The Democrats in Senate are complaining that AG Barr acts more like President Trump’s personal attorney than the attorney for the people of the United States of America. Trump has often stated he wanted a AG that looked out for his well being and it seems as if he has found one in William Barr.¬† Attorney General Barr;s testimony is being covered live by all three major networks, there are more republicans than democrats on the committee Barr is appearing in front of today so it should not be a difficult grilling¬† of questions, that will change when Barr is called to testify in front of Elijah Cummings and the Democratic lead House of representatives.



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