3 more the hard way. Bill, Kells & Katt

After reading news stories about these three African American males I started to change my thinking about them… just a bit. I am not the conspiracy buff, but lets take a look at comparable situations and how they were handled.

Up first the man we once called ‘America’s dad’, I never really thought about it, but Bill Cosby  having that title had to of rubbed some folks the wrong way.  It would be like someone calling Eminem “America’s Rapper”,  rappers would have a problem with that, and since most rappers are black and the music was born and cultivated in the black community, it would be questioned by our community on why Eminem would be chosen for that title. Well,  then shouldn’t we expect some ‘dads’ in other communities  to resent the fact that this African american male has been bestowed with that title?

The public rarely brags about black fathers, if anything they talk about our absence, promiscuity, lack of support for our kids  and trouble with law enforcement. Is it possible that the first chance that was available to punish this man and prove he nor any other  black man is worthy of the title ‘Americas dad?  Harvey Weinstein, if I am not mistaken, committed crimes similar to Bill’s, slightly worse actually because he had a say so in those women’s financial lives. Was it a long long time ago he committed these crimes? No, very recent.  Were his crimes kept secret from everyone except the victim. No, other actresses knew, they talked about.

There is a famous story of Brad Pitt confronting Harvey Weinstein over actions and words that were done &  said by Mr. Weinstein to his then wife Angela Jolie. Some of his crimes are as new as Beyonce and Jay-z’s youngest child, yet he has spent less than 45 minutes in jail. Bill is about to do 10 years. Don’t get me wrong, Bill Cosby is dead wrong but he is also damn near dead. 80 years old, blind and barely can walk. He is a danger to the community? Maybe. Harvey Weinstein? Definitely. Cosby’s locked up, Harvey is at Starbucks…. R&B artist -R. Kelly your turn. The media ask “Are these alleged women over 18″ ? They are?  So what! You must be  guilty of something. Until we can figure it out we will make you look bad EVERYDAY.  If it is a crime to lie to a female to try to get sex, only gay men would be crime free!

Feel this..time will keep moving, the sun will come out tomorrow (somewhere), there are stars in the sky and MEN WILL LIE. Girlfriend,  just don’t fall for it… Now if it’s  a minor, and if its ever proven that some of these  females accusing R. Kelly  are under age, my next blog will be hammering him to the white meat….Let’s now take a look at a famous Rock singer and his actions. Mr. Jerry Lee Lewis your turn… Ole Jerry Lee  was messing around with a 13 year old girl, who was probably 12 years old  when the shenanigans started. It was no secret, every one knew. Folks were not speculating,  HE told folks! Oh yea, did I mention the 13 year old was also his COUSIN? He got a little backlash, but carried on with his career and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986.

Jerry Lee still travels and performs worldwide. His latest CD entitled ‘Last Man Standing” is his  best selling CD in his  over 60 year old career…Wow he had a 2nd chance.  Now the case with Katt Williams is a tad different, mainly I admit because he is a friend. Some would say Katt’s problems have been brought on by Katt himself, could be true. What I do know is Katt is a great Father, our entire conversation was about our kids, which may of made a boring radio interview,  but you tell me when was the last time you turned on your radio and two black men were talking about parenting techniques? I have never heard Katt  speaking badly about women, different races or any bigotry. In fact he has jokes about how important it is to have ‘White friends’. Katt was once in movies, we do not see that anymore, he is a great actor. He just won an Emmy for his appearance in ATL, but motion pictures may be out of his future, they say his reputation is too bad, and production companies say Katt is too  hard to insure. Reall? well  lets compare.  …Andrew Dice Clay your turn…

Andrew ‘Diceman’ Clay  was so vulgar that some  cast members  of Saturday Night Live  boycotted his appearance on the show. Sinead O’Connor  refused to perform if he hosted the show. He said very nasty & unfunny things about women, blacks, immigrants and Catholics,  pick a group and he degraded them. After all that he could  never make a come back, right? Wrong!! You can catch Andrew Dice Clay starring along side Lady GaGa and Bradley Cooper in  the movie ‘A star is born’.  The movie made  over 44$ million this past weekend! I aint hatin, Andrew Dice Clay  was given another opportunity and took advantage of it. I am not holding my breath though  for Katt Williams to get another opportunity in movies , not unless it comes from Tyler Perry.

So I will wrap this blog up by saying unfortunately forgiveness and second chances are not passed out to everyone, take full advantage of them when they do come your way. Or be like me,  I don’t rely on second chances, I rely more on God’s grace.



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